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Below are a series of resources to help understand more about pain and how we can manage it.

Current research shows that by understanding your pain you are more likely to get better and in less time.

Pain is complex and individual. The factors that influence our pain experience are explored here. There are things we can do to influence our pain.

A recently released video which explains the latest thinking about back pain and how to manage it.

This is a brilliant 2-minute video about sciatica by Anina Schmidt who is an 

Associate Professor in Neuro Science at Oxford University.

A useful video explaining our current understanding of chronic pain by Professor Lorimer Moseley

Another 5-minute video explaining 'pain' and how we experience it.

We recommend this booklet as a useful guide for dealing with persistent pain.

Click PDF icon to to download.

Dr Jeremy Lewis discusses our current understanding of rotator cuff related shoulder pain - including frozen shoulder.

If you're interested in a more technical explanation of neck/back pain and how they should be treated. Here are two articles by Professor Peter O'Sullivan for you to read.

Click PDF icon to to download.

This a research paper which confirms the importance of physical exercise and mobility in managing back pain. Until recently accepted wisdom was that back problems should be managed with rest. Modern research has therefore proved the opposite - remember, motion is lotion!

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