muscle strain & tears

The condition

Muscle injury can occur for many reasons,whether you are a weekend warrior or an athlete!

Sometimes relative 'weakness' plays a part, particularly if you have been relatively inactive and then undertake a training programme too quickly without parallel strengthening exercises.

Whilst muscle tears cause a lot of pain the good news is that muscle tissue has a wonderful blood supply and so heals very quickly, particularly if you understand 'normal' tissue healing guidelines.

Assessment & treatment

Following any kind of muscle injury it is important to be fully assessed in order to establish the extent of the injury, appropriate advice can then be given to rest/immobilise the injured muscle or limb, together with specific treatment to gently mobilise the traumatised soft tissue. 

The basic principles of PRICE will be discussed:

  • P is for Protection

  • R is for Rest

  • I is for Ice

  • C is for Compression

  • E is for Elevation

Following this, treatment will be biased towards strengthening the muscle/s. You will be asked about training programmes and we will look for specific triggers that may have been a factor pre-injury, so that a longer-term treatment programme can then be implemented to avoid recurrence of these triggers.


"I have experienced a number of different Physios for a recurrent torn hamstring problem from playing elite football but none of them have showed the care or patience like Kate has. I always have the confidence I will get back to sport stronger and fitter after seeing her."

Mr D E