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interpreting scans


Below are a couple of articles worth reading if you are having a scan. They will reassure you that not everything that is found on a scan is necessarily a problem and so we need to take care in interpreting them.

Care needed in interpreting scans

Improved resolution in imaging from X-ray/MRI/CT/ultrasound has meant we can now get detailed pictures of the precise part of our body which is causing us problems. However there is an increasing body of evidence that tells us to interpret these findings with caution. Some changes shown on scans are in fact normal for that patient if their age is taken into account. The modern approach is therefore to treat the symptoms NOT the scan results!

If you are interested in the information given above then this article is a scientific paper demonstrating the prevalence of "abnormal" findings on hip arthroscopy in a group of "normal" (asymptomatic) people.

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