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TENDONOPATHY (inc. tennis & golfers' elbow)

tendonopathy physiotherapy St Albans

The condition

Tendons are what attach muscles to bone and are as strong as steel. We now have a better understanding of tendon health and which factors can make tendons 'unhappy'. In particular we have learnt that tendons do not like being stretched or compressed for too long and do not like sudden changes in loading.

Tendon pain can occur in many joints but most commonly in the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle.

Common examples of tendonopathy are pain in the outer elbow that can be referred to as 'tennis elbow' and pain located in the inner elbow region, which is known as 'golfers' elbow'.

Assessment & treatment

We will ask you about problems, specifically looking for sudden changes in either activity or training programmes. We will ask questions about your lifestyle and, if you are a woman, we will ask about your hormonal status. We will also look at how you use your limbs then examine the individual joint related to the tendon problem you are suffering from. 

Tape may be used to unload sensitised tissue in order to reduce your symptoms. Principles of 'loading' will be discussed and specific exercises will be given to improve the overall loading capacity of the tendon.

Worth a watch

A useful video showing what you should NOT do if you have lower-limb tendon pain.


"Having experienced a dull and uncomfortable pain in my lower right knee,  ( patellar tendon) Kate was able to quickly identify the root cause of the issue by getting to understand my past & current lifestyle activities. Kate was very clear in explaining the anatomy and the mechanics connected to my pain. Over an 8 week period Kate was able to provide me with gradual exercises and support on lifestyle changes that has now resulted in a pain free right knee."

Mr J S

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