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pelvic pain physiotherapy St Albans

The condition

Pelvic pain is a condition that is most frequently associated with pregnancy or after giving birth. It can, however, also occur in men.

For women, their initiative sense of protecting their developing or newborn baby can amplify the fear associated with pelvic pain. Kate Montgomery has a special interest in treatment any pelvic-related pain. She is a visiting lecturer at The University of Hertfordshire and lead teacher on the pelvis.

It is our experience that relatively small changes in how you use your muscle system can have very big benefits. Maintaining your fitness and understanding your pelvic pain are my keys aims.

If your problem is more to do with either pain or weakness of your actual pelvic floor muscles we will refer you to our colleague at Redbourn Physiotherapy Clinic, Mrs Sarah Cameron. She is trained women's health physio with specific expertise in pelvic floor rehabilitation. You can contact Sarah on 01582 794441.

Assessment & treatment

The assessment will be tailored to your individual situation. It will take into account whether you are pregnant or not. 

Both ante and post-natal pelvic pain can be very debilitating but can be helped very quickly with simple techniques to gain greater muscle control.  

Worth a watch

A video of Professor Pete O'Sullivan explaining our current understanding of external factors that have been shown to amplify pelvic pain.


Having returned to running after having 3 children in three and half years I developed pelvic pain after I pushed myself too hard, too early, without giving my body especially my pelvic core time to recover. Kate's treatment instantly made a difference. She listened to my list of circumstances and was able to piece together why I had felt so much pain and suggested exercises to support my physical recover. Perhaps more importantly her holistic manner and ability to understand the importance that other factors (such as stress, disturbed sleep, hormones) impact on pain and recovery, has meant I've made a few changes to my every day life that have made a real difference. There is no quick fix to your body recovering from childbirth, with Kate's help I've learnt a few simple exercises incorporated into your daily routine can make a big difference

Mrs L R

Whilst pregnant with my daughter I had a very painful pelvis which meant I had to limit how far I walked and caused me a lot of discomfort. Even getting up from sitting to standing was painful. Kate spent a lot of time understanding what I was going through and any emotional and lifestyle factors that could be impacting this. She explained the link between stress and pelvic pain and encouraged me to make time to relax. By taking steps to reduce my anxiety, doing the exercises she gave me and making the changes she recommended to everyday movements, there was a significant improvement in my pelvic pain which brought it under control. Kate's caring, encouraging manner combined with her wealth of experience was very reassuring. Now my daughter is born I have made a full recovery. 

Mrs C R

I honestly cannot recommend Kate enough as a physio. I was 7 and a half months pregnant and in enormous amounts of back pain. When I enquired about her service, she got back to me immediately and spent time with me over zoom and in-person diagnosing the issue (which she then fixed). The key difference here for me though is that she also provided phenomenal empathetic support. I honestly don't think I would have enjoyed the last part of my pregnancy had it not been for Kate and I will be forever grateful and will always recommend her excellent services. Thank you Kate!

Mrs HB

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