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sports injuries physiotherapy St Albans

The condition

There are many different types of sports injuries including pulled muscles, ligament sprains and overuse injuries that occur with prolonged repetition or overtraining.

Whilst muscle tears cause a lot of pain, the good news is that muscles have a wonderful blood supply and so heal very easily. 

The recovery time for ligament sprains and overuse injuries might be slightly longer.

Assessment & treatment

The first step will be to fully assess the injury to analyse its severity. Only then can appropriate advice be given. Typical treatment involves a combination of advice regarding appropriate use of rest and immobilisation with specific treatment to gently mobilise your damaged muscles, ligaments or tendons.

The basic principles of PRICE will be discussed:

  • P is for Protection

  • R is for Rest

  • I is for Ice

  • C is for Compression

  • E is for Elevation

Following this, treatment will be biased towards strengthening the muscles. We will also talk to you about your training programmes and, through discussion, establish specific triggers for your injury. Long-term treatment plans often have to address these triggers so that we can avoid a recurrence of the problem.


I was born 12 weeks premature and I've always been told that's why I have a weak back. This year I signed up for the London Marathon to raise money for my big sister who we lost to leukaemia. Unfortunately after training to 20 miles I developed severe blisters in my feet and painful plantar fascitis under the arch of my L foot. Working with Kate I have gained a better understanding of my back and now realise that aspects of my training (specifically not allowing enough time to strengthen key muscle groups in my legs) led to the overload in my foot. I feel slightly daunted by the thought of having to run 26 miles but I know my back is in better shape than it ever has been.

Miss F

From the initial consultation and all the way through the process, Dionne kept me at ease, as someone who loves sport, being able to openly discuss my concerns was reassuring. Dionne gave me exercises to follow and gave me additional email updates. Still have a little way to go, but certainly far further down the line than I thought it would be. Big thanks to Dionne, made a massive difference. 

Mr L

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